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The mini bus will leave from the tax free bus station (Better ask for the bus to Shin Maw Pagoda). You also can ask your hotel or your taxi driver to contact the mini bus company Soe San Chain (09 259 888 203 or 09 780 080 479) and ask them for departure times.
After arrival at the bus stations let the driver know you want to go to Paradise Beach.

Departure time: Several from 7:00 AM TO 2:30 PM
Price: 2500 Kyats one way
Duration: 2,5 hours or a little more

Route 1: Inform the minibus you want to go to Autcha What village. To get to our beach from the village you can either walk (45 Minutes) or take a motorbike taxi (15 Minutes / 3000 Kyats per bike). Be aware the hills are very steep for motorbikes so the ride may be a little hair-raising. If you feel uncomfortable on the motorbike with your luggage you could hire a second taxi just for your bag.


It is easy to hire motorcycle in Dawei, which is a great way to get around the area. They also can check with us if we have vacancies. Please drive carefully and always wear a helmet. The bonus of driving yourself is having your own transport to explore the area and neighboring beaches. Please note we do not arrange for your motorbike hire.

Private taxi rental: 50,000 Kyats (max 4 pax) one way , bigger cars on request only .

Please note: If you come in by flight from Yangon and want to proceed to Paradise straight away most likely you will need to hire a private taxi as public transport might be not available after 2:30 PM anymore.
There is also a small motorbike rental shop in Autcha What Village for those who want to rent a bike only for a day or two.

After you reach Autcha What Village you will pass a football field to the left. Shortly after this you have to leave the main road. Look out for the signboard with our logo. If you pass the monastery to the right you have gone too far.

Please drive carefully up the hill in particular, which is steep. On the hilltop you will go right into the jungle (sign board). From the hilltop it is only a 15 minute walk downhill if you feel uncomfortable to drive. Walking can be done in sandals or flip flops (not in rainy season). Car parking is possible in the village near the village heads house or at the monastery. Please always ask a local before parking.


There are public mini-buses leaving from Autcha What Village at 8:00 and 10:00 AM daily (except public holidays).

Price: 2500 Kyats one way
Duration: 2,5 hours or a little more

Once in Dawei you can connect to Ye / Mawlamyine / Hpa An / Yangon from 1:00 PM onwards. You also can connect to Myeik by Mini Bus at 12:00 PM.

Please note for a public mini bis connection to Htee Khee (Thailand) it is not possible to connect on the same day as the departure time is only in the morning at 8 AM. We can organize private transfer to the border.

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